Rear Sight Camera Systems

Offering versatile mounting capabilities, our back up camera systems give drivers what they’ve been looking for – the ability to see behind the vehicle. The results are fewer accidents, lower insurance costs and more control. Our new back up camera systems offer a choice of features and allow drivers to have more control over their vehicles.

RearSight 1/4” CCD

Rearsight Camera system

  • Reverse Image
  • .5 Lux for Sharper Image
  • Protective Shroud
  • 150 Degree Lens w/Excellent Depth of Field
  • Waterproof Case w/Anti Fog Lens
  • 3 year/36,000 Mile Warranty

250-8112A – Camera w/ 30′ Ext Harness & Female DC Power Harness Includes dual shrouds w/allen tool.

RearSight 1/4” CCD Color Camera featuring Gentex Rear View Mirror

Car/SUV Kit 250-8055      *Truck Kit 250-8059      Mirror Features:

2.4” TFT LCD Mirror Monitor

  • High Resolution Display
  • Auto Dimming
  • 30′ Extension Harness
  • OEM Approved
  • 3 year/36,000 Mile Warranty