Let CIA add a Bluetooth Audio Streaming System to Your Car, Trucks, or SUV

Good driving requires two hands. Contact us to see if your vehicle can be equipped with ConVerse, the handsfree built-in Bluetooth® Wireless Technology from ROSTRA. Features an OEM-style switch which integrates seamlessly into the dash. Route calls from your Bluetooth® compatible cell phone through the vehicle’s factory stereo system.

All plug & play vehicle specific // Comes with custom flush mount switch
– 3 Year 36,000 mile Warranty
– Plug n play 15 minute install
– Latest technology high performance
– Features voice dial*, manual dial and redial *Cell phone must be
compatible for voice recognition
– Latest Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) streaming for
– Volume control utilizing vehicle’s stereo speakers
– Links automatically to handset when vehicle’s ignition is turned on
and transfers to handset when vehicle is turned off
– Highest quality sound features full duplex DSP (Digital Signal
Processing) allows both parties to converse simultaneously
– Private call selection will transfer the call to your handset
– Excellent echo cancellation to prevent callers from hearing feedback
– Upgradable software
– Easily pairs up to 5 phones in 4 quick steps
– Ability to reject an incoming call
– 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty